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Is the Convention Center accessible by public transportation?
Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the Convention Center venues, including the Memorial Auditorium and Community Center Theater, is accessible by bus and light rail. The Convention Center is just blocks aways from the Amtrak Station. Please visit Getting Around for more information on public and mass transit options.

How do I get to the Sacramento Convention Center?
The Convention Center, including the Memorial Auditorium and Community Center Theater, is located in downtown Sacramento. Please link to Maps & Directions for more information.

Is there a Lost & Found?
Yes. Lost & Found items are sent to our administration office. Please call 916-808-5291 to inquire about your missing item.

Do you have easels?
Yes. Please contact your Event Coordinator for more details.

Do you have microphones in the rooms and exhibit halls?
You may contract with the venue’s exclusive in-house audio-visual provider to have a microphone in any hall or room for a fee. No party except the exclusive in-house audio-visual provider may connect to the venue’s audio or video systems.

Does the SCC provide signage for our rooms?
We place the meeting space or registration area on monitors located throughout the Convention Center but do not provide signage at the doors to the meeting space. There are 8 1/2" x 11" landscape sign holders provided outside each room.

Does the SCC have carts for us to use to take in our equipment?
The SCC does not provide carts due to the small inventory we have.

Is there a place to park bikes?
There are bike racks near Starbucks at 13th near J Street, as well as in front of the box office at 1301 L St.


Exhibit Hall

Where is the Exhibit Hall?
The Exhibit Hall is at 1400 J St. The loading dock for the hall is on the south side of the building, at 14th & K St.

Do you provide audio/visual services?
Corporate Staging is our on-site exclusive A/V company.

Is there an on-site provider for internet/phone /wireless services?
Yes, Wombo, Inc. is our exclusive telecommunication provider.

Can the Convention Center accept packages prior to my move-in?
Please contact the licencee's Exhibit Service provider to make arrangements. The Convention Center is not responsible for materials arriving early.

Where can I park my truck? Motorhome? Bus?
There is no on site parking at the Convention Center. Check the City of Sacramento
parking site for the closest open-air lot. For motorhomes, check with
Cal Expo (fairgrounds).

Is there a place to park bikes?
There are bike racks near Starbucks at 13th near J Street, as well as in front of the box office at 1301 L St.

What are Starbucks and Wolfgang Puck's hours?
Starbucks is open Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. on the weekends. Hours can fluctuate based on events schedule.
Wolfgang Puck's Express 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday - Friday and weekends based on events schedule.



Who do I call if I want to book a wedding and/or wedding reception?
As our exclusive on-site caterer, the award-winning Classique Catering is your first point of contact for any banquets or meal functions. Visit their website to learn more about their wedding packages.

Can I bring my own food in for my event?
No outside food or beverage is permitted inside our facilities. Classique Catering is the exclusive caterer for food function events at the Convention Center. Please visit their site to read about menu options.

What’s the capacity of the ballroom?
The Ballroom consists of 10 adjoining rooms that, when combined, make up the Ballroom. Call the booking office for set-up options to determine a capacity suited to your event.

Is there a dance floor in the Ballroom?
Customized dance floors can be rented for your event from the Convention Center. Please call (916) 808-5291 or for size and rate quote.


Meeting Rooms

Do you provide audio/visual services?
Corporate Staging is our on-site exclusive A/V company.

Is there an on-site provider for internet/phone /wireless services?
Yes, Wombo, Inc. is our exclusive telecommunication provider.

Can I arrange to have a meal catered for my meeting?
Yes, our exclusive on-site caterer, award-winning Classique Catering, will be happy to discuss menu options with you. The Classique staff can provide everything from elegant sit-down meals to delightful box lunches for break-out sessions.

I don’t want to serve a meal, but I do need water service. Can I bring in my own bottled water?
No outside food or beverage is permitted inside our facilities. Please contact Classique Catering at 916-446-1215 for quotes on water service and other beverage selections for your meeting or event.

Which room is best for my meeting? What is the capacity?
The Convention Center has 31 meeting rooms. Our Convention Center booking coordinator is your best resource to determine your room needs. Contact .


Community Center Theater

What is the capacity?
The theater seats 2,350 without orchestra pit seats, or 2,422 with pit seats.

Is food or beverage allowed in the Theater?
No outside food or beverage is permitted inside our facilities. However, the theater concession stands sell a variety of light snacks and beverages. At most events, alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase. For most events, food is permitted in the lobby areas only.

Can I still be seated if I am late?
Latecomers to theater events will be seated at the discretion of the house manager, as determined by the presenting company. Some of the performing arts companies offer a monitor for latecomers to view the performance from the lobby until they can be seated. The best bet is to allow plenty of time for parking and, if applicable, Will Call pick-up.

Do you have booster seats for children?
The theater does have a limited supply of booster seats available at no charge. They are issued on a first come first served basis and require a valid ID or Drivers License to hold.

Are sound and lights included in the rental of the Theater?
No. However, sound and lighting packages are available to rent per performance. Please contact for inventory and a rate sheet.

Do you have hearing assistive devices?
Hearing Assistive Devices (HAD’s) are available on a first-come, first-serve basis in the theater lobby when doors open. There is no charge for HAD’s; however a photo I.D. is requested as a deposit.

Do you have binoculars?
For most performances at the theater, binoculars are available to purchase at a nominal fee. The binocular table is located in the theater lobby.

Do you have wheelchairs available to use?
Patrons must provide their own wheelchairs. Please note that there are elevators in the lobby up to the balcony (tier levels). We offer wheelchair seating on the main floor (orchestra level) in row CC.

I am bringing someone who uses a walker/wheelchair but can get out to transfer to a theater seat. Is there somewhere to store their walker/wheelchair during the performance?
If a patron does not need use of a walker or wheelchair during a performance, please ask a house staff member for assistance in placing it out of the way of other guests.

Is there a dress code? Do people dress up for shows in Sacramento? What should I wear?
The best rule of thumb is to treat attending a live performance as you would any other special event. Generally, for evening and holiday performances, patrons tend to dress for a special occasion. For afternoon and student performances, dress is more “business casual.” Certainly, shoes and shirts are required!

Does an infant need a ticket?
Unless noted by the show’s promoter, all ages require a ticket, including babes in arms. For the Broadway Sacramento performances, no children under age 4 are permitted. Please check with our box office for policies specific to the show you are planning on attending.

Where is Will Call for the Theater?
At least one hour prior to the show, there is a designated Will Call window at the box office on the L Street side of the theater. You may pick–up Will Call earlier at the box office, but please allow 24 hours after your purchase for the order to be processed. Lines can get long at Will Call, so we suggest you allow ample time for ticket pick-up prior to curtain time and have necessary photo I.D. and credit card ready.

How far away from the stage are my seats?
You’ll be surprised at how intimate the theater can be! Here are some distances from the middle of the stage to:

42 feet: to row G on main floor ( stage level) or, less than half-court at ARCO Arena
70 feet: to middle of main floor ( row O) or, less than six mini-Coopers
114.6 feet: to row CC ( last row on main floor)
81 feet: to Grand Tier box, row A (or, the length of two Regional Transit buses)
124.6 feet to row L in the Grand Tier ( lower balcony)
109 feet : from middle of stage to 2nd tier, row G (first full row)
138 feet: from middle of stage to row N in the 2nd tier ( upper balcony)

Where is the closest parking?
The two city-operated lots closest to the Community Center Theater are the Capitol Garage at 10th & L Street and the Memorial Garage on 14th between H and I Streets. There is no on-site parking at the Convention Center.
Click here for Parking Information

Are there designated handicap parking spaces near the Theater?
The City Transportation Department has designated handicap parking spaces on 14th st between L and K streets. If you have a handicap placard, you can park at no charge at any available metered space.

Is there a drop-off spot in front of the Theater?
Yes, you may drop off guests in the passenger loading/unloading zone at the top of the semi-circle driveway in front of the theater on the L Street side.

How do I find out what restaurants are nearby?
We have a Wolfgang Puck Express on site, just steps from your event. In addition, the The downtown area is thriving with restaurants, with over three dozen restaurants within a five block radius of the theater. Visit the Sacramento Downtown Partnership website for a current list of restaurants and their specialties. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit the bill before or after the show!

Where are the restrooms in the Theater?
Restrooms are located on the ground floor and grand tier lobby levels, at the northwest end. There is no restroom on the 2nd tier level (3rd floor).

Are cameras permitted?
Unless otherwise noted, cameras and recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited in the seating areas due to copyright laws, union regulations and for the safety of the performers. Personal “point and shoot” cameras are usually allowed in the lobby area.


Memorial Auditorium

What is the seating capacity of the Memorial Auditorium?
For reserved seating events, the maximum capacity is 3,849. For general admission events, maximum capacity is 4,000. Please note capacity may vary due to the technical elements of an event.

How much does it cost to rent the Auditorium?
Please contact the Booking Office for rates and availability.

My seats are numbered 20-22. Are they side-by-side?
Yes! All seating at the Memorial Auditorium on the right sides of the floor, dress circle and 1st balcony are even-numbered, while all seating on left sides is odd-numbered. Seating in the center floor section is numbered consecutively from 101-114. In the 2nd balcony, all sections are numbered consecutively from 1 up to 15.

Can I purchase food inside?
The concessions stands, located on the concourses, offer an array of menu items, from hot dogs to pretzels and churros. Food and beverages are allowed in the seating areas of the Auditorium, unless otherwise noted. No outside food or beverage is permitted.

Is production sound or lighting provided?
Sound and lighting must be provided by the licensee or by an approved vendor. Please contact for a list of vendors permitted to work at SCC.

Can I bring a camera?
Policies for cameras and other recording devices are set by each artist appearing at the Auditorium. Unless otherwise noted, cameras and recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited in the seating areas due to copyright laws, union regulations and for the safety of the performers. Patrons uncertain of the policy should be prepared to return cameras to their cars prior to entering, as there are no lockers or storage facilities on site.

Where do I buy tickets for Memorial Auditorium events?
Advance tickets for Memorial Auditorium events are sold at the Convention Center Box Office at 1301 L Street and through The Memorial Auditorium box office, including Will Call, opens two hours prior to an event.

Are there elevators in the Memorial Auditorium ?
There are no elevators in the Memorial Auditorium for patron’s usage. Patrons with concerns about accessibility should call the Convention Center Box Office prior to ticket purchase or contact

Where are the restrooms located?
There are restrooms on the east side of the main floor, and at the basement and balcony levels. Wheelchair accessible stalls are at main floor level only.

Can I take a tour of the Memorial Auditorium?
Tours are by appointment only. You may enjoy a virtual tour of the Memorial Auditorium exterior by clicking here

Is the floor flat?
Depending on the event or concert set-up, the floor can be sloped or flat. The original 1926 historic wooden floor is mounted on hydraulic rams at one end and large hinges at the other, allowing it to go from a level floor for ballroom dancing to a sloped/ raked position to accommodate chairs for stage productions.

How far away is my seat to the stage?
From middle of main floor - 60 feet
From rear of main floor - 128 feet
From Section 101 1st balcony - 147 feet
From Section 110 1st balcony - 110 feet
From Section 200 2nd balcony - 167 feet

The Auditorium is closed. Where can I pick up my tickets?
Tickets for Memorial Auditorium events are available at the Convention Center Box Office, 1301 L Street, during regular box office hours up until three hours prior to a performance. Beginning two hours prior to a performance, the Auditorium box office is open in the main lobby for sales and Will Call.


Jean Runyon Little Theater

Can the Little Theater be rented if the Memorial Auditorium is in use?
Each event has a unique set of technical and audience elements. It depends on the types of events booked. Please contact for rental inquiries.


Box Office

Where do I purchase tickets?
Tickets for performances at the Community Center Theater, Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center Exhibit Halls, when advance tickets are sold, can be purchased at the Convention Center Box Office. The box office is located at 1301 L Street, in the lobby of the Community Center Theater. Box Office walk-up hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. On event nights, we are open through the first intermission. On Sundays and holidays we are open two hours prior to the performance at event venue. One hour prior to each performance is reserved for business for that event only.

The Convention Center Box Office will be operating in summer hours mode this year from June 18 through Sept.3 (Labor Day) in an effort to reduce labor costs during the City of Sacramento budget shortfall. The box office will be open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Wednesdays-Fridays and from noon-4 p.m. on Saturdays. The box office will be closed on Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays, except on performance days, when we will open two hours prior to the day’s performance.

Where is Will Call / 3rd Party Will Call?
Will Call opens beginning two hours prior to the performance, at the performance venue. Will call customers must present valid photo I.D. and the actual credit card used to purchase the tickets in order to have tickets released.

The Box office can accept 3rd party/drop-off Will Call beginning 30 minutes prior to performance time on ticket. Customers who wish to leave tickets at Will Call do so at their own risk. Customers will be required to fill out a third-party will call envelope and include tickets. The SCC Box Office does not assume any responsibility for any unclaimed third-party Will Call tickets.

Where can I park while purchasing tickets?
There is a semi-circle driveway outside the Theater that customers may use when purchasing tickets. The driveway entrance is at the 13th Street corner- take a sharp right into the driveway off 13th Street.

Where can I go to find out about events at the SCC?
Our events calendar, listing public events at the Convention Center Complex, is available at the Calendar page. If you want to be added to the mailing list for a hard copy of our bi-monthly newsletter, contact

How do I get on your mailing list or request a brochure?
The Sacramento Convention Center Complex publishes “Engagements,”a bi-monthly newsletter and calendar. It is available to download or you can request to be added to the mailing list by contacting All season brochures are published and mailed by the individual presenters. We suggest you contact each presenting organization to add your name to their mailing list.

Do you have gift certificates?
The Convention Center Box Office does not issue gift certificates, nor can they redeem any gift certificates or gift cards issued by other organizations. We suggest you contact the individual arts organization for gift certificate options.

I need to buy a seat for someone using a wheelchair. Where do I go?
Wheelchair seating is available for performances at the Community Center Theater and Memorial Auditorium. When you purchase your tickets in person or over the phone, just let the ticket seller know what accommodations you need and they will be happy to assist you. For on-line sales, follow the customer service directions for ordering wheelchair accessible tickets.

I can’t find my tickets! What do I do?
Generally, the box office will have a record of your transaction. The ticket purchaser should call the box office to inquire about our replacement ticket policy.

I can’t make the performance date. Can I exchange my tickets for another day?
Season ticket holders can exchange to another performance of the same production without any additional fees. Please check your season ticket policy for exchange procedures. For single ticket purchases, exchanges are allowed only if there are multiple performances of the same production/promoter and your tickets are exchanged no later than 48 hours prior to the performance. Exchanges are subject to a per ticket exchange fee.


Reserving the Facility/General Questions

For general information or rate information and availability, please contact:

Sacramento Convention Center Administration
1030 15th Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.808.5291 phone
916.808.7687 fax